Talkfest at The Writer and the Critic

Yes, ’twas the night before Continuum 8 and the Writer and the Critic team of Kirstyn McDermott and Ian Mond knocked upon the door of our (that’s Lisa L Hannett‘s and my) hotel room. Kirstyn brought gingerbread cookies in the shape of bats and Mondy brought death-by-chocolate brownies (made by his lovely wife Jules). Yes, apparently we will let anyone in who is bearing baked goods.

Then they proceeded to set up recording equipment and ask us searching questions whilst directing the glare of naked lightbulbs at us – we complained about the nudity and very small, tailored pants were put on said lightbulbs.

Anyway, we said all sorts of stuff about looming and gigantic Alan Moore’s Voice of the Fire and pixie’ish Michael Crummey’s Galore. All the opinions expressed herein are solely those of the Brains and we will defend them unto death or the offer of even more baked goods.

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