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The Writer and the Critic goes Patreon …

dtct books Stack of books CREDIT: PHOTODISC

dtct booksStack of booksCREDIT: PHOTODISC

… which basically means you can pay Mondy to sing a song every podcast.

You know you want it.  Go here, give money.

My point?

One of my fave podcasts, run by the award-winning and
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The Writer and the Critic: new casting of the pod

BB jacket frontThe lovely Kirstyn McDermott and Ian Mond have released their latest  htbbepisode of The Writer and the Critic. You can listen Read more…

Talkfest at The Writer and the Critic

Yes, ’twas the night before Continuum 8 and the Writer and the Critic team of Kirstyn McDermott and
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Smile and say “Cheese”: the 2012 Snapshot is here

Time for the Aussie specfic snapshot once again, when brave individuals (Alisa KrasnosteinKathryn Linge, David McDonald, Helen MerrickIan MondJason NahrungAlex PierceTansy Rayner RobertsTehani Wessely and Sean Wright) throw questions at other individuals, who attempt
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Continuum 8

So, yesterday I managed to stay awake long enough to participate in QWC’s So You Want to be a Writer seminar, ably chaired by Aimée Lindorff. The two more awake panellists were the delightful and delovely Chris Currie and
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If you only listen to one Writer & Critic this year …

… make it this one – Kirstyn and Ian talk about Lisa Hannett’s Bluegrass Symphony and Robert Shearman’s Everyone’s Just So So Special.Read more…

Have I Mentioned?

The Writer and the Critic podcasts?

Kirstyn McDermott and Ian Mond talk books.

In a smart fashion.

This week it’s The City and the City and The Windup Girl.



A Mondy Drive-by: Ian Mond

Mondy (him on the left, tormenting Rob Shearman) has written Dr Who stories featuring the Dr and Bernice Summerfield for Big Finish Productions. He’s been Tuckerised in Kate Orman’s novel Blue Box.What else do you need to know? Is that not enough
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