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Over at Schlock Magazine …

highresblue4Teodor Reljic reviews Home and Hearth most kindly:

As evidenced in her collection THE GIRL WITH NO HANDS – in which Slatter adapts and re-imagines various folk and fairy tales – the author is excellent at creating tightly-woven conceits that unspool with
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Happy Day

I finished a fairly dreadful and wobbly first draft of “Crossroads” last night; it’s now in the bottom drawer to percolate. Tomorrow I will start on a story called “Let the Words Take You” for a Le Fanu tribute anthology. Today I had a lovely lunch with my parents and my sister, whose birthday it was. Nice and relaxing. And
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More Crossroads

Rossetti's Pandora

Rossetti’s Pandora

‘And how does she look?’

            ‘Like me once, but not anymore. She’s a mass of burns and rotting flesh.’ Bethany shrugs. ‘Gods know, she may be dead already. If so, then I’ll pay your
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Aaaand a new Tallow-Wife tale is making its way into the world. An extract from “Crossroads”:

Bethany holds her cloak tightly around her, but the hood hangs loose down her back; she does not care if she is
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Another Home and Hearth review

snoopy-danceEbookwyrm says kind things about my Spectral Press chapbook and makes me happy.

Home and Hearth is the latest chap book from Spectral Press. As such it is only short, 25 pages or so, but oh what a tale you get
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Shock Room reviews Home and Hearth

1912502_10152349104439813_635754832_nThe very talented S.P. Miskowski reviews my Spectral Press chapbook, Home and Hearth, over in the Shock Room.

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“Angela Slatter’s gift is for making what is strange seem plausible. She brings that gift to
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A Stitch in Time

rackham sleeping beauty2

Rackham’s Sleeping Beauty

The opening of the next Tallow-Wife tale, “A Stitch in Time” is below:

Cordelia is dying and there is nothing they can do. Her injuries from the fire, determinedly refusing to heal, have gotten worse.
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State of the Writer

BWA-ARC-coverI’m around, I’m breathing, I’m writing.

And I’m waiting.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Coz being a writer, if you’d not noticed, is largely a waiting game. Of course, it’s not ideal to be idle whilst doing said waiting. You need to keep writing coz
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And so this happened

Doctor-final-webI’ve finally bitten the proverbial bullet and released this page, which is basically The Flensing Factory, for writers who want help with their short stories.

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