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This is today …

My Precious!!

Warning: may contain an article by me about polishing your work through critiquing.

And stuff.

Sarah Pinborough: Spreading the Mayhem

I recently discovered the work of multi-talented UK author Sarah Pinborough. I devoured the Dog-Faced Gods trilogy with delight, relish and a dash of mustard. Ms P doesn’t know me from a bar of soap but
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Exegesis, Part the Third: Mosaic

Kay Nielsen

Continuing the posts of the exegetical component of my PhD – no criticism intended, merely analysis. This section looks at mosaic novels and other forms of fragmented storytelling.
Part Three: Mosaic

‘My lies and the fragments
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Weirder Shadows Over Innsmouth

Cover art (c) Les Edwards (Fedogan & Bremer hardcover)

I’m very excited to reveal that Weirder Shadows Over Innsmouth, the third volume in the Stephen Jones edited Innsmouth series, has its
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Reminding myself constantly …

… of this.

Working on the second half of the novel (now known as Hallowmass instead of Brisneyland by Night) the last four days and it feels like banging my head on the wall. I have
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Exegesis, Part the Second: Memory

More from my PhD Exegesis, wherein I consider the ideas of memory at work in Sourdough and Other Stories.
Part Two: Memory

‘The sight of the inn picks at the stitches of my memory. The splintered shingle, emblazoned with a
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Totally worthy …

… go over here and flick a couple of shekels to Michael Kelly’s new anthology, Apparitions II.

Give money, get book, support plucky indie, increase your karma.

It’s all good.

The Witches’ Scale

And so, I have agreed to write a novella for Simon Marshall-Jones at Spectral Press.

He offered me something I couldn’t possibly refuse: this illustration as a cover.

It’s called “Die Hexenwippe oder-waage” (The witches’ seesaw
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Speculative Fiction Festival 2013

Sent off my bio and headshot this morning for the NSW Writers’ Centre  Speculative Fiction Festival program. The festival is organised by the delovely Kate Forsyth.

Lisa and I will be appearing (in
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