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I Heart Clive James

Am sitting at home watching Andrew Denton’s Elders – he’s interviewing my all-time crush, Clive James.

Writer, thinker, reviewer, humanist, poet, essayist, all-round Renaissance man. He’s seventy years old and smart is so sexy.

“I do the secret thing that writers do: I do nothing … Because it might happen tomorrow.”

“The idea of being dead doesn’t bother me – just glad to have gotten
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Story at Fantasy Magazine – tomorrow – or not. Delayed gratification, anyone?

On Monday 30th November … well, an American Monday … which means it will be most of the way through the Australian Monday … how about I just let ya know then?

My point? My story The Chrysanthemum Bride is up at Fantasy Magazine then …

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Thank God for Tarzan

    There are many reasons to love Tarzan movies – especially for a spec-fic writer because they show that anything is possible :-).

The main reason I would like to thank Tarzan’s Three Challenges is that it meant there was no
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New Story at The Daily Cabal

The Frog Prince

She was never a big fan of the castle pond.

It lay at the fartherest corner, hidden by scrubby shrubs, and gnarly trees that dropped leaves into the nasty brown water. Frog spawn clung to the edges of the pond like an unfashionable necklace. Really big spiders waited for short-sighted flies. Pretty awful, all in
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Zen and the Art of the Office Slipper

I have, under my desk at work, a pair of slippers. Comfy, white, towelling slippers, piflered at some point from a Stamford somewhere around Australia.

Why? Because they are comfortable. If my feet are happy then the rest of me is relaxed. My brain works better. One
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Where's My Jetpack?

This guy’s got it and he’s putting it in the water!! Buzz Lightyear FAIL.

And today in the Super-Sekrit Clubhouse

Marshall Payne interviews John Kessel – awesome sauce.

John Kessel has been publishing short fiction since 1978 and since then has gone on to make his mark in the field of SF/F. He won a Nebula Award in 1982 for his novella “Another Orphan,” and more recently (2009) for his novelette “Pride and Prometheus,” a story melding the tales of Jane
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The Call of Nature

Those of you who know me at all well will recall that I have a nodding acquaintance with Nature. That basically means I nod to it as I stand on a verandah with a gin and tonic in my hand,
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More VanderMeery Goodness – or Despair Never Leaves You

Words from the wise once again, Jeff VanderMeer on writerly despair:

Despair is a companion who keeps coming back to you no matter how far you’ve traveled along the path toward a sustainable Booklife. Things go wrong. What you have visualized does not come to pass. That opportunity you thought you had turns to dust. This is most difficult for beginning
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Reading by Numbers


Must. Mention. This. Story.

Reading by Numbers by my fellow Clarionite, Aidan Doyle, is over at Fantasy Magazine.

This story has a higher IQ than I do.