Zen and the Art of the Office Slipper

I have, under my desk at work, a pair of slippers. Comfy, white, towelling slippers, piflered at some point from a Stamford somewhere around Australia.

Why? Because they are comfortable. If my feet are happy then the rest of me is relaxed. My brain works better. One of my colleagues says ‘Wow, you look like a newsreader: elegance up top, purebred dag at the foot end.’ I gave my boss a pair of office slippers.

But I am happy. So, I say unto you all: make next week ‘Wear Office Slippers Week’. It will change your life. Report back to me next Friday … off you go, I’ll wait. Maybe get a coffee, a cherry danish … mmm, cherry danish.

Any of these are good:





These ones, not so much:


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