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Mini-review: Nowhere Hall

When Publishers Weekly describes someone as “…a rising purveyor of high literary strangeness…” a reader can justifiably hope for more than a touch of awesome in a chapbook called Nowhere Hall written by a writer known only
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Mini-review: What Gets Left Behind

To celebrate FantasyCon in Brighton, here’s a review of Spectral’s newest chapbook, Mark West’s good old-fashioned scary What Gets Left Behind.

The blurb is as follows:

In 1981, Gaffney was terrorised by the Rainy Day Abductor.

Local girls
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Super Useful

Yes, from the man who brought you Unicorns Doing Horrible, Horrible Things comes a most useful post about Plot. Thanks, Peter M. Ball.

I am currently printing this out and sticking it on my wall.

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Yes, I know I should be working on the novel, but …

Rackham’s Bertalda

… “The Burnt Moon”, which is part of The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings collection is coming through quite insistently this morning, so I am going with that.

Here is the first snippet:

Three days
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Over at …

… A Book of Horrors gets a great review from Tim Janson.

How’s the US cover?

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How the cover came to be …

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A bit like re-gifting, yes. Here’s a re-post of my piece on Place as Person, which  originally appeared over at the lovely Mary Victoria’s place.

Place as person: Location, Location, Location!

An essential ingredient of story
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There is no secret handshake

When people ask me for advice about approaching literary agents I find there is always a  continuing theme, a deeply embedded belief: that there exists a secret handshake.

Everyone is convinced there is a great arcane mystery to getting
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Two Brains, Two Launches

And so, in keeping with, y’know, stuff, we are having two launches. 

There is the Brisbane one, the World one, which you’ve all seen adequately covered here, and now there is an Adelaide launch for Midnight
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Midnight and Moonshine = Starred Review from PW


First review for this book.

Midnight and Moonshine
Lisa L. Hannett and Angela Slatter. Ticonderoga (, $14.99 trade paper (324p) ISBN 978-1-92185-730-0

In “Seeds,” the opening story of Hannett
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