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This is the work of Orion Zangara – wondrous, yes?!

His gallery is here.

Really good advice from Sarah Pinborough

Great and simple advice from Brit Sarah P. My favourite bit?

This one:

1 – Don’t waste time on envy. You’re only in competition with yourself. It’s a long road and just use others’ successes to inspire you or make you
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Day one, writer

So today is my first day as a full time writer.

I’ve spent the last four days in a frenzy of sleep, reading, and playing so much Skyrim that it will be a fortnight before I can even look
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Updated ToC and a cover

And here’s the updated ToC, now including a young up-and-comer called Stephen King.

• “Hair” by Joan Aiken (The Monkey’s Wedding & Other Stories / F&SF July/August) • “Rakshasi” by Kelley Armstrong (The Monster’s Corner: Through Inhuman
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Cover for Damnation and Dames!

Awesome sauce 😀

Over at ThrillerCast, I say stuff …

… the delightful and charming Alan Baxter and David Wood ask me questions about short stories, stakes, fairytales, flensing and the Highlighters of Doom.

On occasion, I swear. Keep your small children away.

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An Introduction to Australian Horror over at This is Horror

Lisa Hannett gives a run-down on the state of Australian horror …

Australia is a land of extremes. One minute the country is ravaged by drought and bushfires, the next it’s drowning in devastating floods. The continent is a
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Tuesday Therapy: Deborah Kalin at the Hannettorium

Deb Kalin gives good advice over at the Tuesday Therapy performative space, here.

Place as Person: The Places You Think You Know

Over at Mary V’s Lisa Hannett talks about places and tricksters, here.


And in the squeeee that was heard around the world, the lovely Paula Guran at Prime Books has picked up my short story “Sun Falls” (from Ticonderoga Publications’ Dead Red Heart).

Also on the list are Margo Lanagan, Tanith
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