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At the end of a bleugh day

… some days the only way to feel better is to yell loudly at the season four final of Dr Who and make a strawberry cheesecake for one’s significant other. Objective achieved.

A query letter of which one can be proud

Marshall Payne has posted his query letter here.

It is well worth having a look at, as it’s what got him representation by the Donald Maass Literary Agency – well, that and the fact his writing rocks. So, go to his Super-Sekrit Clubhouse and learn something that may well help!

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A Drive-by from The 'Gong: Cat Sparks

Cat Sparks is an award-winning writer and editor, talented photographer and graphic designer, and owner of THREE cats – and author Robert Hood :-). She was one of the inaugural Clarion South grads in 2007, a Writers of the Future winner, and has a small but significant pyramid in her
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Live the writer's dream: Shave an editor

Okay, so most writers manage to send an editor bald via tearing out of hair, but Russell B Farr is volunteering to de-fur himself.

All for a good cause. Head on over here and contribute to his de-hirsuting.

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In Life, it helps to learn to wipe your own backside

One of my major frustrations in the last fortnight has been someone who keeps coming back to me for the same information – which was given to her/him a couple of months ago. The revenant activity is not because s/he can’t
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Occupational Hazards for Writers

1. Bad back.

2. Stiff neck.

3. Increasingly poor eyesight.

4. RSI from typing and general ouchies in the forearms and forepaws.

5. Ass-creep from too much time in a soft chair and too little time spent outside walking for 30 mins a day.

6. A milky-blue glow to the skin from monitor radiation.

Yes, alright, I had my monthly beating today from the person who
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I’d like to pay for that with a sonnet, okay?

“You’re cool with that, right? Yeah, I know the grocery bill is $120 – so how about three sonnets? You’re not cool with that? Dude, you used to be cool.”

And so, another starving artist is thrown out of Woolworths or Coles or IGA, etc. I bring you this
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I haz bin Omnivoracious'd

Jeff VanderMeer has very kindly talked about Sourdough and other Stories over at Omnivoracious :-).

Over at Omnivoracious (did I spell that right?)

Jeff VanderMeer reviews Amal El-Mohtar’s truly lovely The Honey Month.

Amal El-Mohtar’s The Honey Month  from Papaveria Press ranks among 2010’s most exquisite and overlooked treasures. This beautifully illustrated volume of short fictions and poems by El-Mohtar takes as its inspiration the author’s tasting of 28 different kinds of honey, one per day. Each tasting leads to a different literary
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The Undead Drive-by: Robert Hood

Australian author Robert Hood is a legend in zombie, giant monster and general horror circles. Why? Coz he just tells a damned good tale that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and whimper. He has been tutored by Thea Astley at university,
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