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Utterly Exquisite

Kirsty Mitchell‘s series of Wonderland photos, dedicated to her mum, are utterly and completely beautiful. Go here.

In fact, they’re very much in tune with the Midnight and Moonshine stories!

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From the pen of La Jennings

The Girl With No Hands and Other Tales gets the Dalek treament.

And over here, Kathleen chats about fairy tales.

Back to the word mines – the deadline, she doth approach.

Here at the word mines …

… things are chugging along. Lisa and I are in the throes of the final bits and pieces of Midnight and Moonshine.

The last two stories requiring writing are going at their own paces – “Seven Sleepers”,
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Wise words

QWC interviews Bernadette Foley of Hachette Australia about What Publishers Want.

You’ve been a part of the QWC/Hachette Manuscript Development Program since 2008. Tell us about the growth of the program and its successes from your perspective.

I am delighted
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Here Today

The start of the my 24HrBook story, Here Today:

One, two, three, four.

Beat, two, three, four.

A dirty beat, a lazy beat, a beat to settle itself beneath your skin and wriggle around for a while. The homeless guy beneath
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Enter, Ishtar

One of the really delightful things about attending cons is that sometimes you get to go to book launches for books you really like, written by people you not only like, but also admire as writers.

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24Hr Book: The Autopsy

Why the f&%k can't writers follow the style sheet??

And so, a week after the action I can finally process what happened. The fact that I’m bed-ridden with the Mother of All Flus, which has
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Like a duck paddling … all the action is beneath the surface

Yes, this blog’s been quiet.

A little too quiet.

But that’s largely because, after a 5 week trip overseas, I’ve been running around trying to catch up on all the neglected things … one of those being my new collection,
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Al Baxter's photo

See? I did work at Continuum. Reading with Lisa Hannett and Felicity Dowker.

Yep, working hard.

And that’s a wrap …

… well, from the writers’ points of view anyway. Now a team of night-winged editors have-at our words and slap them into shape.

I worked right up until I had quite literally only one minute to spare before I
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