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24Hr Book Word Monkeys

Yes! It’s here and happening.

The 24Hr Book Project is well and truly underway and we are spewing forth wordage at a rate of knots. Some of those word even form sentences.

Read what we’re doing here. Currently
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Just in case you were wondering …

Here’s a great summary of what we talked about at the So You Want to be a Writer seminar last weekend.

Thanks, Poise On Arrows!

I can haz snapshot?

Overe here, I have been snapshotted by the lovely Helen Merrick.

Anything I said was uttered under the influence of jetlag.

That’s my story and lo, I doth stick to it.

Smile and say “Cheese”: the 2012 Snapshot is here

Time for the Aussie specfic snapshot once again, when brave individuals (Alisa KrasnosteinKathryn Linge, David McDonald, Helen MerrickIan MondJason NahrungAlex PierceTansy Rayner RobertsTehani Wessely and Sean Wright) throw questions at other individuals, who attempt to
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I sold a story to Dark Prints Press for their A Killer Among Demons anthology.

“Cuckoo” is certainly one of the nastier stories I’ve written.

A sample:

The child was dead by the time I found her, but she suited my
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And in the mail …

… arrived home to find this on the doorstep: always nice to get a new Kim Stanley Robinson.


Manuscript Development Opportunity

Thanks, Daily Otter

The Queensland Writers Centre and Hachette Australia are once again running the manuscript development program – huzzah!

Go here for details.

And be nice to the nice people running the program.

Continuum 8

So, yesterday I managed to stay awake long enough to participate in QWC’s So You Want to be a Writer seminar, ably chaired by Aimée Lindorff. The two more awake panellists were the delightful and delovely Chris Currie and
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Home and Huzzah

We’re home after a five week trip and this blog has been sorely neglected. A contrite series of catch-ups will be posted. Tomorrow, though, I must set aside my jetlag and related tendency to walk into walls and
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