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More dragons

GaTD8Kathleen Jennings has been working her fingers to the bone!

Over at The Place of Marianne De Pierres

BB jacket frontThere’s a lovely review of The Bitterwood Bible by Joelene Pynonnen!

A group of girls study at a school for assassins, preparing for their wedding nights when they will kill their grooms. A lonely coffin maker finds company
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QWC Writer’s Surgery

qwcThis year I’ll be doing Writer’s Surgeries with the Queensland Writers Centre once again.

QWC’s Writer’s Surgery is a member’s only, writing ‘check up’ to help you overcome hurdles and achieve your writing goals. You’ll submit 20 pages of your work (be it
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Midnight and Moonshine: new in eBook form!

midnight-and-moonshineAt last, it’s here: Midnight and Moonshine is up at Amazon, ready for downloading to your Kindle’ish devices, people!

The gods are dead, but will not be forgotten.

When Mymnir flees the devastation of Ragnarok, she hopes to
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Quality Oz Fiction

TiconTiconderoga Publications, the lovely people who’ve brought you the Australian Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror for the last four years have a special on. All four volumes in paperback for $110.00 OR hardback for $165.00.

Can say fairer than that.




Here’s the
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Today I am working on …

"Aten disk". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -

“Aten disk”. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –

… this, which will involve Nefertiti, Akhenaten, mummies, zombies and make-up.

You’re welcome.

WiP: Sobek’s Daughter

A pin stuck into the
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Is it wrong that …

… my business meetings with Kathleen Jennings involve a lot of me squeeeeeeeing at her artwork? From today’s luncheon meeting:


Midnight and Moonshine comp

mmThe bag for the M&M competition on Goodreads has arrived!

Kathleen’s artwork for this book always makes me catch my breath.

Go here to enter.

New to Amazon: Home and Hearth

Home-and-Hearth_ebook-cover_v2Now that the limited edition chapbooks of Home and Hearth from the lovely Spectral Press have pretty much sold out, I’ve put it up on Amazon so that more than 125 people can read it! 😛

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Four Horrifying Tales available on Amazon

And, as a companion to Four Dark Tales, I’ve published Four Horrifying Tales over at Amazon.

This mini-collection contains:

1. Cuckoo

2. Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

3. Frozen

4. Red Skein

You can purchase it here.