Today I am working on …

"Aten disk". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -

“Aten disk”. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –

… this, which will involve Nefertiti, Akhenaten, mummies, zombies and make-up.

You’re welcome.

WiP: Sobek’s Daughter

A pin stuck into the flesh of the Great Royal Wife produces no blood. This is good.

I was lucky to find her so soon; even though all the auguries had told me, still I was surprised. Surprised it was real and relieved that my master could not know how weak my faith had been. I’d been tempted to stay abed, to remain within the safety of my four walls, but duty drove me out into the night.

Fortunate to find her before the stiffening of the limbs set in, before any of her handmaidens or fine ladies-in-waiting stumbled upon her still form. Before they raised the alarm and the entire palace was plunged into mourning. Before the embalmers were called and removed her innards, her brain, the child that will ever remain unborn.

Indeed the breath had barely left her when I arrived, so it was a small matter to coax part of the shadow-soul back; a honey cake made with the milk of a black cow and sprinkled with a few drops of my own blood was enough. She is quiet and slow, obedient; not herself at all, but then she’s been strange all the length of this pregnancy. Most importantly she’s suggestible, and I have only these few days.


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