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This, just this

Thanks, Sebastien Millon

Thanks, Sebastien Millon

What I’ve been working on

741176_461719090558318_206961913_oThe last month has been spent writing the first draft of a novella, which has been variously called The Witches of Whitechapel and now The Witch’s Scale.

I finished tidying the first brain-vomit draft last night, so my plan now
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Now this is …


Photo by Sue Wright @DrimzelRoad

… precisely the sort of marketing one needs.

Thanks, Sue Wright, for tweeting this happy-making image.


And the winner of Midnight and Moonshine competition is …

182093_10151161584292304_926690766_n… the lovely Cordelia Harrison.

The delightful Russ of Ticonderoga will do his publisher thingy and send it on post-haste.

News: QWC / Hachette Deadline Extended

msRelax for a bit, the QWC / Hachette Manuscript Development deadline has been extended to 12 July 2013.

DEADLINE EXTENDED for the QWC / Hachette Australia Manuscript Development Program

Racing to get your manuscript in? Relax, you have more time. The deadline for
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A Good Cause

hayBuy a Bale is designed to help out Australian farming families who’ve been hard hit by drought and other events.

If you can spare a couple of  bucks, or even some time, please go here and donate.


thumbnail.phpOver at the latest issue of Schlock Magazine you can read my re-imagining of that fine old tale, “Bluebeard” – with magnificent, disturbing, confronting art by Nel Pace.

Go here!

Super Sekrit Project Revealed

Original art by Alan Lee

Original art by Alan Lee

I seem to have been sitting on this one forever, but at last I can reveal that Mr Stephen Jones has taken “By the Weeping Gate”
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Sunday morning purchase: The Machine Who Was Also A Boy

Cover-Full-663x1024I just bought a book I’ve been meaning to get a hold of since this year’s Conflux.

It’s this one, The Machine Who Was Also A Boy, by Tom Dullemond and Mike McCrae, and produced by punchy indie eMergent Publishing
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The New Strange

We-Are-For-The-Dark_custom-81084369acf8eaf9b454a9b2380fa176ae184b09-s2Great article from Rick Kleffel over at the NPR Books site about “The New Strange” and Robert Aickman, specifically with regards to We Are for the Dark, the latest Aickman and Howard collection from Tartarus Press.

If you want a
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