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The Isis Unbound Drive-by: Allyson Bird

Allyson is the one on the left …

Allyson Bird lives in New Zealand with her husband and youngest daughter. Occasionally she is drawn to strange places and people, and they are occasionally drawn to her.
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Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror 2011 edition

It’s here! Finally it has arrived!

Huzzah! *snoopy dance*

‘Brisneyland by Night’ is happily nestled between Jay Lake’s ‘Mother’s Urban Booke of Dayes’ and Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Thing About Cassandra’.

Thanks, Paula Guran and Sean Wallace!

In which elephants are eaten

Lisa Hannett has a new feature over on her blog, Tuesday Therapy.

This week, elephants are eaten here.

The Perfect Getaway

We went away this weekend just passed, for a combination early anniversary, late PhD, and SO’s birthday celebration. We went here and it was pure bliss.

I’ve been wanting to go to the Narrows Escape at Montville
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A squee is in order


Sooo many otters.

The Daily Otter.

The Liff Drive-by: Rob O’Connor

Rob O’Connor is not only one of the most talented, amusing and quirky cartoonists you’ll ever come across, he also works at the Very Wonderful Liquid Interactive. He is one of my oldest friends and carries with him a series
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FableCroft! Books! Sale! Christmas Presents!

FableCroft is moving interstate and they are having a HUGE sale. You’re looking for Christmas presents, right? You can’t go wrong with a FableCroft book!

Go here!!


Or I will add more ‘!!!’!

I’ll be checking on you.

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In the mail

The lovely limited edition Hall of Lost Footsteps  from Sara Douglass, with intro by Karen Brooks.

Thanks, Russ.


The Tree Drive-by: Mary Victoria

Mary Victoria has lived EVERYWHERE … or at least in Cyprus, Canada, Sierra Leone, France, the USand the UK. She finally settled in New Zealand, where she writes full time and has produced the wonderful Tymon’s Flight, Samiha’s Song and Oracle’s Fire for the HarperVoyager imprint. She studied art and film and has worked as an animator.

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Moment of intense frustration …

… whilst reading a HR document and finding that selection criteria includes “clear annunciation”.

I was unaware of the opportunities in the public service to tell virgins that The Lord was going to be their baby-daddy.

Sweet mother of crap, learn to spell … and enunciate.