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Longform vs Shortform …

… plus carrots and sticks … and hands. All of the waving hands.

Just a little something …

… from The Very Kathleen Jennings for the Vigil launch bags.


Talking About Our Collaboration!

Over at the Tube of You channel, Lisa and I talk about collaboration, specifically on Midnight and Moonshine.

And talk and talk and talk!

Welcome to Orphancorp: Marlee Jane Ward

marleejaneward-hsMarlee Jane Ward is a self-described writer, reader and weirdo from Melbourne, Australia. She’s a graduate of the Clarion West Writers Workshop and her debut novella, Welcome
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Over at Fantasy Scroll Magazine …

Vigil v4 2… I talk. Constantly. Thanks, Amber Neko Meador!Fantasy-Scroll-mag-Logo

About non-writing, writing, and tips for new writers. Also fairy tales. And my forthcoming debut novel Vigil.

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KSP Mentoring

New KSP logoSo I’ll be the established writer-in-residence at KSP in Perth from 25 June – 10 July this year, and all the w-i-r folk do mentorships during their term:

KSP’s highly talented and experienced Writers-in-Residence offer one-on-one mentorships to a KSP-member whilst they are
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Who’s Afraid?: Maria Lewis

Purple-Profile-2-207x300Author, journalist, reviewer, pop culture maven, werewolf aficionado, all-round powerhouse, and Idris Elba’s future wife (not to mention OMG-level of impressively inked) Maria Lewis is multi-talented and extraordinarily busy. But she was kind enough to take some
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The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror: 2016

2016YBDFHCover for the next The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror: 2016 from Paula Guran and Prime!

My novella “Ripper” is getting another outing, so huzzah!

Look at that ToC and pre-order here.

Alphabetical by Author Last Name:

“The Door” by Kelley Armstrong (Led Astray: The Best of Kelley Armstrong, Tachyon)
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Kind words …

bbible12… from the lovely Neil Snowdon are hereVigil v4 2

“Rich and heady as honey mead, potent and earthy as
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ARC! ARC in my hands …

arcofthevigilant… albeit briefly.

I met with the delightful Sean and Kathie from Hachette yesterday to talk about Vigil and bookstores and appearances and stuff.

Sean had an ARC with him and I got to pat it it and cuddle it before I had to hand it back so it could be used to seduce
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