Kind words …

bbible12… from the lovely Neil Snowdon are hereVigil v4 2

Rich and heady as honey mead, potent and earthy as great Scotch, the sublimely dark tales of Angela Slatter are an addictive delight. Take a sip and let the pleasant buzz enhance your world, or guzzle the lot and get drunk. The only hangover you might feel will be the disappointment of returning to the real world… and the hankering for more.

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4 Responses to Kind words …

  1. Peter H says:

    Just have to say that is the best review of a novel I’ve ever seen. Not just appreciation, but insight and an engaging story in itself. I’ll be getting this book; the cover alone promises, ‘epic’. Congratulations, Angela!

  2. Angela says:

    Many thanks, Pete!

  3. Angela Rega says:

    Congratulations Ange xo Can’t wait to read this when it’s out! Squee!