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In the mail


New story: Mr Underhill

Snurched from

Snurched from

A new story is making its presence known today, “Mr Underhill”, which I think will end up going in my Noose & Gibbet collection for next year. I suspect it will be nasty.

Mr Underhill

When children go under the
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Because I can …

MandMcushion… the cushions on our couch are getting pretty ratty, so I’ve made the executive decision to get new ones … courtesy of Kathleen Jennings and Redbubble.

This is the cover from Midnight and Moonshine.

Reading Beyond the Book

tom_sawyer_book_sculpture_by_wetcanvas-d5mh5bdMy very clever friend, Dr Donna Hancox, has an article here today about the changing nature of reader participation and the interactivity of books – which is another way of talking about digital books and the extra add-ons for texts
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zaAs a break from writing the novella, The Witch’s Scale, I went over the page proofs for my story in the last installment of the Zombie Apocalypse anthologies from Mr Stephen Jones, ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE: ENDGAME!

I’ve used “Red Dust, White Earth”
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And finally …

Papercut for The Juniper Tree

Papercut for The Juniper Tree

… Kathleen has sent me the last of the papercuts for Black-Winged Angels.

It makes me a little sad that these gorgeous things will no longer wing their way to me in the body of
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Suspended in Dusk

botd-logoThe delightful Simon Dewar is editing the Suspended in Dusk anthology, which is out later this year from Books of the Dead Press. He’s currently running a series of author interviews on his blog; the one with me is here, and
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Kathleen Jennings strikes again!



Bound1 Bound2And my autographed copy of Alan Baxter’s Bound just arrived, hand-delivered by Kathleen Jennings.


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The Danger of Warmth

Papercut for The Danger of Warmth

Papercut for The Danger of Warmth

More loveliness from Kathleen for Black-Winged Angels, which is due out in August of this year from Ticonderoga Publications.

“The Danger of Warmth”is my version of The Snow Queen”.

I watch the young man
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