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Write-Club: The System Works


Some people have asked “Do you really just sit around and write?” Well, yes, we do. And here it is documented below. Result of the evening: Pete = one novella finished; Angela = a 6000 word first draft, taking the collection up
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Now, here's a thing

This evening, I head to Write-Club at Pete’s place – the real place, not the virtual one.

I am charged with the bringing of the essential choclit items (aka brain food – the literary equivalent of Thing Rings, making writers more productive and more able to either defeat or perpetrate evil, as is one’s wont). Pete is cooking, which is
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I do believe a "Squeeeeeeeeee" is in order

Opposite_coverCharlaine Harris (she of True Blood, etc – do I really need to write more?) has totally blogged Narelle M Harris’s The Opposite of Life in a very positive light:

An Australian publisher handed THE OPPOSITE OF LIFE to me at Bouchercon, and
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Comment on My Editing Skills

Overheard from one area of the office not five minutes ago: “Okay, we finish writing this and then we give it to the Eviscerator over there” (accompanied by a thumb-jerked-in-my-general-direction gesture).

This makes me kind of proud … but, no, I do not get to wear a cape and top hat while giving an evil “Bwahahahahaha” laugh as I go about
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What Scares the Scary People?

For me it’s Dracula – Bram Stoker’s original book, unabridged.

Some people far more talented and scary than I confess their fears here at The Washington Post

Anne Rice: I would say M.R. James’s story “Count Magnus.” That evil could be so easily roused and so relentless in its pursuit of the innocent who stumbled on to it, that terrifies
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Revolution Isn't Easy

There are always casualties … this pair caused most of them.brains







Do not render aid.

This has made me happy today

From Chuck Wendig over at TERRIBLEMINDS – on writer’s block, bullshit and slugabeds. I loves me a good rant.

Writer’s Block Is For Hippies And Slugabeds

Fun with Phrenology One simply cannot have enough opportunities to use the word “slugabed.”


Theory: Writer’s Block is bullshit.

Go ahead. Pickle in that
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On Reverse Engineering for Writers


My day has both sucked and blown … as a result, I have had such dreadful potty-mouth that the Parliament of Scotland called to advise me that I’ve been declared an outpost of Billy Connolly … so I will make myself feel better by thinking about writing.

And the thing
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November Writing Frenzy

AWMonline and QWC are running some November Writing Frenzy events – because it’s NaNoWriMo month and they just don’t like to be left out.

The first one is next Tuesday 3rd of November, the second is the ‘closing ceremony’ on Sunday 29th November – details below. These are cross-platform events, which means if you’re an AWMonline subscriber you can play online and
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Well, Wooooooooot

Alisa K (she of punchy indie Twelfth Planet Press) has announced that New Ceres Nights is now available in e-format:

I’m delighted to finally have New Ceres Nights available for electronic download over at Smash Words – it’s available in pretty much any e-format you could want, from PDF to Kindle, and everything in between. And it’s only $8.00US (awesome bargain
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