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A Book of Bizarre Myths and Chimerical Fancies



I’m so delighted to have a piece of writing in this gorgeous Bestiary that accompanies Viktor Koen’s amazing mixed media photography.

Ellen Datlow pulled together all the writers for this, including Pat Cadigan,
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Reminder: SF Travel Fund

harryJust a reminder that the Kickstarter to send the very talented writer and reviewer Haralambi Markov to WFC is still going. 12 days and roughly $1400 to go, so if you’ve got any spare shekels, throw them this way.

The Sourdough Posts: Lost Things

Rackham's Sweet Roland

Rackham’s Sweet Roland

“Lost Things” is one of my personal favourites in the Sourdough collection, I think possibly because there’s a genuine comedic turn to it. It’s black comedy, to be sure, but I love Jez and
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