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A Book of Bizarre Myths and Chimerical Fancies



I’m so delighted to have a piece of writing in this gorgeous Bestiary that accompanies Viktor Koen’s amazing mixed media photography.

Ellen Datlow pulled together all the writers for this, including Pat Cadigan, Sonya Taaffe, Kaaron Warren,
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Reminder: SF Travel Fund

harryJust a reminder that the Kickstarter to send the very talented writer and reviewer Haralambi Markov to WFC is still going. 12 days and roughly $1400 to go, so if you’ve got any spare shekels, throw them this way.

The Sourdough Posts: Lost Things

Rackham's Sweet Roland

Rackham’s Sweet Roland

“Lost Things” is one of my personal favourites in the Sourdough collection, I think possibly because there’s a genuine comedic turn to it. It’s black comedy, to be sure, but I love Jez and her way of looking
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