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Midnight in Karachi

osasLast week I had a chat with the lovely Mahvesh Murad of Midnight in Karachi, who’s an excellent interviewer!

You can list to this podcast here. Witches! Stevie Nicks! Kate Bush! Fairy tales! Genre ghetto!

Focus 2014 Interviews: Cat Sparks

Cat-portraitToday, Cat Sparks talks “The Seventh Relic” for the Focus 2014 interviews.

What was the inspiration for your story, The Seventh Relic?

I was researching the history of Buddhism as background for another story when the idea for this
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Focus 2014 Interviews: Kathleen Jennings

kathleen_colourToday our cover artist, Kathleen Jennings, weighs in on Focus 2014.

What was the inspiration for the cover art for Focus 2014?

Cranky Ladies! This was one of the early sketches for Cranky Ladies of History (Fablecroft). We hadn’t
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Worldbuilding in the Sourdough Universe

Slatter-Jennings02So, today is the actual book day for Of Sorrow and Such in the US. I celebrated early, then while I was sleeping the book was born! Easiest. Birth. Ever.

Over at I talk about the building of the world
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Focus 2014 Interviews: Tehani Wessely

Happy-Tehani-phone-coverOur fearless editor, Tehani Wessely talks about Fablecroft and what on earth possessed her to start the Focus series.

What was the inspiration for the Focus volumes?

The inspiration lies squarely at the feet of Deborah Biancotti. Several of us
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Reading in New York City

ntlSo, on 4 November Lisa L. Hannett and I will be doing readings at the Kill Bar in NYC – inside the Times Scare Haunted House Attraction in Times Square New York (SQUEEEE!). Just like real writers!

It’s part of the Night Time Logic series and the details are Read more…

Showcasing Real, Fantastical Women: Angela Slatter’s Of Sorrow and Such


The lovely Melissa Ann Singer talks about the women in Of Sorrow and Such here.

I often complain about how rare it is to have a book, TV show, or film be driven by relationships between women. Stories seem
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World Fantasy 2015 Schedule

wfc2015Got my WFC schedule all sorted! The whole thing is here.

My appearances:


Monsters as Devourers
Our cherished monsters, be they vampire, werewolf, or zombie, are driven by an insatiable appetite to devour what
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Of Sorrow and Such … almost there!

SorrowsandSuch_FINAL_hiresSo, Of Sorrow and Such launches on 13 October … due to the vagaries of time travel, it’s already 13 October in Oz … but not in the US … so still a few hours to go!

But you
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Focus 2014 Interviews: Charlotte Nash

Portrait of Author Charlotte Nash

Portrait of Author Charlotte Nash

Today, the multi-talented Charlotte Nash (brain the size of a planet) talks about her tale in Focus 2014.

What was the inspiration for your story “The Ghost of
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