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ABC Interview: Vigil

Around about this time last year I was talking to Kate Evans on ABC Radio National about Vigil.

I was also very excited because I was in the TARDIS in the Brisbane studios. Plus, I’m a Doctor. Read more…

Not Dead, Just on the Last Leg of a UK Book Tour …

7682168-3x2-700x467… and I’m very, very tired.

And my blog has been sadly neglected.

But I’m flying home tomorrow – or rather, starting the  god-awful long trip that always makes me shout “Where’s my matter transporter!?”

When I get back and recover from jetlag, stop walking
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Chatting about Vigil

vigil1And here’s the link to the interview I did with Sarah Howells at ABC Radio National yesterday about Vigil.


The Doctor in the TARDIS


So darned happy. I literally got to be the Doctor in the TARDIS this afternoon.

Pre-recording a segment at ABC Radio National Perth for ABC Radio National Brisbane! I’ll be talking about Vigil and general writerly things this eve on Evenings with David
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The Drawing Room – in which I try to sound less like Ralph Wiggam than usual

So this eve I headed over to the ABC Studios at Southbank and had a chat with Waleed Aly and Wesley Enoch (Artistic Director of the Queensland Theatre Company).

Hopefully I sounded okay – although I did manage to hideously mangle
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