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Now that I’ve crawled out from under the weight of finishing Morwood (it’s been sent off to my wonderful editor at Titan Books, Cath Trechman), I am trying to catch up on All The Neglected Things.

That includes this rather glorious
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Suspended in Dusk II: Paul Michael Anderson

Today’s blog guest is Paul Michael Anderson, talking about “Wants and Needs”.

1. What was the inspiration for your SiD2 story?

Honestly? A house I’d looked at with my wife when we were looking to buy about four years ago.  It was this
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Totally worthy …

… go over here and flick a couple of shekels to Michael Kelly’s new anthology, Apparitions II.

Give money, get book, support plucky indie, increase your karma.

It’s all good.

On the Upside

I’ve had a request for two of my stories to be translated into German for an anthology. Whoda thunk it?