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New Fears

Delighted to see the cover for the new anthology from Mark Morris and Titan Books!

New Fears has stories from Alison Littlewood, Stephen Gallagher, Brady Golden, Nina Allan, Brian Keene, Chaz Brenchley, AK Benedict, Brian Lillie, Ramsey Campbell, Carole Johnstone, Sarah Lotz,
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New Fears

2016-12-16-brideheader2The delightful Mark Morris has announced the Table of Contents for his first Titan Books horror anthology, New Fears 1 (available in September 2017).

I’m very pleased that my story “No Good Deed” (set in the Sourdough world) is among others
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In the mail …

This beautiful thing arrived!!!

Just gorgeous – thank you, lovely PS Publishing and blurbifiers. *happy dance of the author*

I’ve set up two Goodreads giveaways one for the US and Canada, and one for Australia (UK, you’re on your own as it’s easy for y’all to find a copy there! But it doesn’t mean I don’t love you.). They will go live
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Winter Children and Other Chilling Tales …

winter… is shipping out and selling fast! From the PS Publishing newsletter:

Angela Slatter’s WINTER CHILDREN AND OTHER CHILLING TALES arrived just yesterday and we’re hoping to send out pre-orders this coming week. If you remember, we’ve just done the
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Winter Children

signingThe signing sheets arrived just this afternoon, so I’ve spent the last couple of hours 200 sheets for the limited edition Winter Children and Other Chilling Tales! They’ll be back to PS Publishing tomorrow via an especially fast pigeon in
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Winter Children – pre-order

winterAnd the pre-order page for Winter Children and Other Chilling Tales is up!

Go here for one of 200 limited edition signed copies.

Eleven reprints and one brand new story, “The Red Forest.”

New Reprint Collection: Winter Children and Other Chilling Tales

winterAnd so here is the cover for my newest collection – my first “proper” horror collection, Winter Children and Other Chilling Tales. Eleven reprints together for the first time AND a brand new story, “The Red Forest”.

The lovely PS
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Horrorology: Robert Shearman

robRemember back last year when I ran a series of interviews with the contributors to the latest Stephen Jones-Jo Fletcher Books Item of Magnificence, Horrorology: The Lexicon of Fear?

Of course you do. You pay attention and that’s one of the things I
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Dead Letters Cover

The cover for Dead Letters, the anthology edited by Conrad Williams and published by Titan Books, has been revealed! All of the contributors are on the cover, so huzzah! I’ve got a weird and nasty story in this one.


Horrorology in my hot little hands!

It’s arrived! Horrorology: The Lexicon of Fear, Stephen Jones’ new anthology, out via the delightful Jo Fletcher Books, with artwork (and a new story!) by Clive Barker. Look at that ToC!


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