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Schlock Magazine and The Bitterwood Bible

highresblue4Over at Schlock Magazine Teo Relijic stakes a claim on Marco Attard’s real estate and chats about The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings.

Slatter’s world can take in so many disparate elements because her prose is both rich and assured. There’s a descriptive
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Schlock talks to Kathleen Jennings

Bag2My favourite illustrator chats with Schlock Magazine about art, creating and agonising.

How do your creative processes differ when you’re working on art or writing, if there is any?

In writing, I write then agonise. In illustration, I agonise, then draw. The
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thumbnail.phpOver at the latest issue of Schlock Magazine you can read my re-imagining of that fine old tale, “Bluebeard” – with magnificent, disturbing, confronting art by Nel Pace.

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Talking Schlock

blueThe lovely Teodor Reljic, the co-editor of Schlock Magazine was kind enough to ask me some interesting questions.

I did my best to answer them in an equally interesting fashion here.