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The Karnstein Trilogy: Carmilla’s Children

Movie poster for the French release of Twins of Evil

So, after a couple of year, much work and re-work, throwing self on the fainting couch, I have finally figured out the configuration for my take on the Carmilla films from Hammer. Huge
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And for those of you playing at home …

Luke Spooner

Part Three of “The Night Stair” is up at Gamut!

Here’s a snippet from the opening of the tale:

The Steward is a tall man, entirely bald, gaunt in the face, yet rotund in the belly. His legs
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The Night Stair – Part Two

… is now live at Gamut!

Meanwhile, over at Gamut …

Luke Spooner

… my vampire story, “The Night Stair” (from the World Fantasy Award-winning The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings), is being reprinted in four parts. First part is up today, so if you’re a subscriber or would like
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And Then interviews: Jason Nahrung

Clan Destine Press is bringing out a new anthology And Then, and you can read interviews with the authors here over the next few weeks. There is also an Indiegogo campaign, to which y’all can contribute here.

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New Project with Electric Dreamhouse Press

elecSo, Electric Dreamhouse is a new Cinema imprint coming in 2016 from PS Publishing, edited by the delightful Neil Snowdon. The imprint will be producing a series of connoisseurs’ guides to Cult and Genre Cinema.

It’s something new for me, to be writing
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The Bitterwood Posts: The Night Stair

bitterwood cover

Art by Kathleen Jennings

In 2012, my Significant Other and I were travelling around the UK and we visited Battle Abbey where the Battle of Hastings had taken place. We wandered through the ruins and one of the signs pointed out the
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Vampires: Then and Now

vampireOver at Dark Matter Zine, the delightful Nalini convened a panel a couple of weeks ago to discuss vampires then and now. There was myself, Jason Nahrung, C J Dee, and Liz Manthos all talking and opining and trying to answer Nalini’s
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And Jason Nahrung’s lovely and disturbing Salvage has been launched!

Go here and get a copy.

And woooohoooo!

In the mail today, The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror 2012 from Prime and the lovely Paula Guran and Sean Wallace. Huzzah!

My extremely rare story “Sun Falls” (rare coz it’s vampire fiction), originally published in Ticonderoga’s
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