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Dear Sydney

I take back everything I said, now please take back your mini-apocalypse. I just had to walk out into the dust storm enveloping Brisneyland and it sucks. *cough* *hack* Cannot even see the Story Bridge out the back window of the office at this point!

 Snurched from Yahoo News.

Don't Panic …

… but if life was a movie this is about the time I should call my loved ones in Sydney and say ‘Pack up the car and get the hell out of town – the Apocalypse is on its way. Everyone come to Queensland, where we will stockpile canned goods and retreat to “The Bush”.’  Thanks to Cat Sparks for pointing out
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You Need This

Another winner from Twelfth Planet Press is a top-and-tail book, a novella by Robert Shearman and one by Tansy Rayner Roberts, conveniently packaged together for your reading pleasure: Roadkill/Siren Beat.

Oh look and it’s available for handy pre-order over here

It's an Elders of the Internet Kind of Day

Spent almost forty minutes on the phone this morning, trying to organise to have my flamingo pink laptop fixed (the screen’s gone squiffy and I cannot see a damned thing – which is a problem for a writer). Everything is backed up, though, in various locations around the world, so that part at least is not a problem.

I think the
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Ooooh, Robert Shearman Working Without a Net!

Or something like that. This looks exciting anyway:

Chain Gang

There’s a new series starting on BBC Radio 7 on Saturday September 26th, and they want you to help out.

Chain Gang, written by Rob Shearman is looking for help. They’re going to make the first two minutes of a story and transmit it on Radio 7 – and then
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T'is a Well-known Fact …

… that I’m a fan of The Lifted Brow (China Mieville said it was ‘gorgeous’; Jeff VanderMeer called it ‘f*%king awesome’ and sent me a picture of him holding it (see? That’s his thumb); Robert Shearman said it was ‘the most beautiful anthology in the universe’ – okay, I may have exaggerated that last one). MRead more…

New Story at The Daily Cabal

See full size imageForesight

I don’t want to go in.

He’s there now, didn’t hesitate. It’s his home though he’s been away for long years. I warned him, or tried to but who listens to me?

I saw his wife in the shadows just before she stepped through the door,
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Dearly Dining Dexter

dexterToday was one of the days when the universe was nice to me (I may have been extra good over the weekend, although I can’t quite think when), and I got to sit down to lunch* with Jeff Lindsay (Dexter’s dad). Also along for the ducktacular entrée,
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Desirable Characteristics for an Editor (Not to be confused with What Makes an Editor Sexy)

As a follow-on from Do You Want Editing With That?, I give you a list of Desirable Characteristics for an Editor[i].

An expansive knowledge of the English language – or whatever language you’re writing in.
An in-depth knowledge of grammar, its rules and regulations.
Possession of the secret of where to put commas, apostrophes, colons and semi-colons.
Someone who can spot a comma
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If Anyone's Looking For Me …

… I’ll be over here. kittehyoga