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On Short Fiction by Damien Angelica Walters

astro header 925Over at Layers of Thought, the very talented Damien Angelica Walters talks about one of my favourite topics: short fiction.

I keep reading that short fiction is making a comeback. To that I say, did it ever go away? Looking
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The Sourdough Posts: The Navigator

sourdough-under-180x300I’m very fond of this story – I wrote it at Clarion South and after it had seven shades of brown kicked out of it during the crit session, Jack Dann, who was our pack leader for week five said “If I
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The Sourdough Posts: Dibblespin

wagners-ring-of-the-nibelung-39“Dipplespin” was a story that came about at Clarion South in 2009 – and a big thanks to Sean Williams for giving me some pointers on how to hone it.

I had the image in my head of flowers
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Make Contact 2016!

contactNext year Brisneyland is hosting the NatCon and you know you want to be there. It’s over the Easter Weekend so there will be lots of chocolate, and the heat won’t be too awful so said chocolate won’t melt before you eat
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The Sourdough Posts: Little Radish

sourdough-under-180x300I think one of the things that has always annoyed me about Rapunzel stories is that everything that happens to her is forced upon her. She’s seldom a vessel for agency: she’s bartered away by her parents for radishes or bitter greens
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SQ Magazine Issue 20

SQAnd here is the link to some quality free fiction from Kirstyn McDermott, Gary McMahon, and others including me.