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Halloween #3: (Vaguely) Witchy Things I’ve Written That You Can Read for Free

Artwork by Kathleen Jennings for The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings

Right, so some more Samhain love: links to (Vaguely) Witchy Things I’ve Written That You Can Read for Free.

Thank you to all the wonderful publishers who’ve loved these stories and sent them
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Horrorology Interviews: Nicola Budd

Art by Nicola Howell

Art by Nicola Howell

The delightful Nicola Budd is not only an excellent artist, but also an editor with Jo Fletcher Books. Horrorology was a major new project for her and here she talks about the experience.

So this
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Horrorology Interviews: Stephen Jones

Photo copyright © Peter Coleborn. All rights reserved.

Photo copyright © Peter Coleborn. All rights reserved.

Today, we start a series of interviews with just about everyone involved in the new anthology Horrorology: The Lexicon of Fear, edited by Stephen Jones and published by Jo
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The Spectral Book of Horror Stories: Mark Morris

markmorrisThe delightful and rather legendary Mr Mark Morris is the editor for the first volume of The Spectral Book of Horror Stories from Spectral Press (brainchild of the equally delightful Mr Simon Marshall-Jones). Mark was kind enough to answer some questions for
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A Book of Horrors – in Russian!

971552_10152022547837304_1406736908_nWell, as the header says, here it is!

Very exciting. My work’s now been translated into Czech, Romanian, Japanese and Russian.

A very vintage kind of Crypt Keeper illustration!

The Coffin-Maker’s Daughter, now in Polish

Corka-trumniarza--Angela-Slatter-bc26489And, yes, “The Coffin-Maker’s Daughter” has been translated into Polish and is available for reading online (if you read Polish, naturally) over here at Poltergeist Magazine.

Originally appearing in A Book of Horrors, this story is also now the first story in
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Boundless Delight …

480055_10151361284542304_697878836_n… due to this.

Spotted in one of the NewsLink stores at Sydney Airport when I was coming back from the NSW Writers’ Centre Speculative Fiction Festival (more on that later).

Makes me very happy to see A Book of Horrors out in
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The Coffin-Maker’s Daughter is going to Japan

The delightful Mr Edward Lipsett of Trident House has purchased reprint rights to “The Coffin-Maker’s Daughter” (from A Book of Horrors) – also kudos to him on being the fastest paying publisher I have dealt with!

The story will
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Over at The October Country …

… Blu Gilliand very kindly reviews “The Coffin-Maker’s Daughter” (from A Book of Horrors).

I love stories that explore old-world traditions, bringing to light the customs and techniques that are fading fast in the technology-driven world we live in today. In
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BFA in the mail

My British Fantasy Award arrived this morning – huzzah! With a mere two chips in it – which, given the ride from the UK to Australia and the general nature of couriers, I consider a triumph.

Double huzzah!

It looks,
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