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Rough Music

As I work my way through the TBR pile, I’m finally getting to the rest of the Spectral Press chapbooks. The reading for the other night was Simon Kurt Unsworth’s wonderfully strange Rough Music.

There’s a great cadence
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Abolisher of Roses by Gary Fry

Part of my almost-done-with-the-PhD-treat is reading things that don’t involve Proust or Salaman or Cixous or anything else that has the potential to send me to sleep while broadening my mind. Okay, that’s unfair on Salaman, she’s delightful and lovely to read
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The Spectral Drive-by: Simon Marshall-Jones

Simon Marshall-Jones, he of the rambling tattooed head, is an editor, publisher, artist, blogger and writer. Not content with this list, he is also a reviewer for Beyond Fiction and BookGeeks. He started Spectral Press not so long ago,
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