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GenreCon 2013 is Go!

So, it was a huge hit last year in Melbourne. It will be a huge hit again in Brisbane this year.

Here’s the blurb:

For those of you who missed last year’s show, here’s the official pitch: the AWM
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FNQ: Hello, Humidity

In a few hours I’ll be heading into the state’s north to teach short story workshops in Townsville and Cairns … and to have my hair turn into a giant frizz ball. Something like this …

But it’s okay, I’m
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Meanwhile, back at the ranch

I’m just finishing up facilitating an online course for the Australian Writer’s Marketplace, Science Fiction Short Story.

The course was designed by one of Australia’s most successful authors of science fiction, fantasy and horror, Lee Battersby, and takes you on a journey through the fantastic art of the science fiction short story. Over six weeks we run through the basics of
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Pondering …

… the idea of self-promotion, something with which a lot of writers are quite uncomfortable.

I’ve just finished writing an article for the next edition of the Australian Writer’s Marketplace on finding a literary agent … one of the points I put in there was ‘Write first, agent second’.



If you’re approaching a literary agent, you need to have a product
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