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Restoration: launch reminder and interviews

So, this is your last reminder to RSVP for the Restoration launch, which is happening tomorrow night at Brisbane Square Library. Me, Kim Wilkins, cupcakes, amusing profanities, books! So, 6pm arrival for a 6.30 start, details are here.

Over at
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Make Contact 2016!

contactNext year Brisneyland is hosting the NatCon and you know you want to be there. It’s over the Easter Weekend so there will be lots of chocolate, and the heat won’t be too awful so said chocolate won’t melt before you eat it! (Like
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Mmmmmmmm, Evil?

Was wandering to work this morning and looked up to see an advert for the new Go Between Bridge – yes, that’s how we roll in Brisneyland, we name bridges after bands, but seriously, why not the Powderfinger Bridge?? But I digress … at the bottom of the poster were these words, writ large: All part of Council’s plan.

And I
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Dear Sydney

I take back everything I said, now please take back your mini-apocalypse. I just had to walk out into the dust storm enveloping Brisneyland and it sucks. *cough* *hack* Cannot even see the Story Bridge out the back window of the office at this point!

Dust blankets south-west Qld. Picture: AAP Snurched from Yahoo News.