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Over at Amazon

The following stories and collections are currently .99 cents …

Ripper (novella)
Four Horrifying Tales (mini-collection)
Four Dark Tales (mini-collection)
Home and Hearth (short story)
Black-Winged Angels (collection)
The Burning Circus (short story)


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White fox by Kathleen Jennings

Have I mentioned lately that I’ve got some ebooks over at Amazon?

Samplers so you can see what I do if you don’t want to commit to an anthology or a collection or a novel …

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Ursula Le Guin on the Death of the Book being very much exaggerated

Over at Book View Cafe, the legendary Le Guin talks books, reading on screen and writing ‘What tosh’ in margins.

People love to talk about the death of whatever — the book, or history, or Nature, or God, or
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And a very Happy Birthday to …

… the lovely Kate Eltham, QWC CEO, talented writer of zombie lit (Z-Lit), ebook crusader, book nerd, tech-geek, and all-round delightful powerhouse.

Happy birthday, Kate!