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SF Travel Fund: Send Haralambi Markov away!

harryTo WFC in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Harry is not only a great reviewer, an informed critic, and an engaged and intelligent fan, he’s also a writer of considerable talent and vision.

So, if you’ve got a few spare dollars, throw them in the very
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Project Help Harry

HarryMarkovThe most delightful Harry Markov has been accepted to Clarion. He’s the first Bulgarian to join the Borg Collective, and he needs some help to get him to the US.

Harry is a very talented emerging writer and Clarion will help him develop further. If
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Good People, Good Cause, Awesome Book

The lovely and talented Lezli Robyn is raising funds to help her fiance Jamie to pay his really rather huge medical bills for his chemotherapy treatments. Russell B Farr of Ticonderoga Publications is pitching in by auctioning off
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SOS for Clarion South (snurched from Karen Miller)

The Clarion workshops, held in the US and Australia, are intensive 6-week spec fic writing bootcamps.  Below is a message from Kate Eltham, one of the organisers of the workshop. If you think you might want to write for publication some day, and maybe even dream of attending Clarion yourself … please help if you can.

Due to a run of really
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