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Aletheia: JS Breukelaar

JS Breukelaar’s Aletheia is one of the finest, strangest novels I’ve read in a long time. There’s bone and blood magic in it, and it drips strangeness. Highly recommended.

She’s resident of Sydney, Australia via San Diego, New York and New Zealand. Born in Berkeley,
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Meanwhile, over at SF Signal: The Dream Anthology

The delightful John DeNardo at SF Signal asked a few people to pick and choose for their dream anthology, citing what you’d choose and why. The answers were so big, they had to split the post in two.

Mine is here, as is that of Nancy Kress (hallowed be her name), Violet
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The Lifted Brow #4

I’d like to draw your attention to this little tome, The Lifted Brow #4. It has all sorts of writing-y and music-y goodness going for it. Lyrics by Neil Gaiman on the CDs, stories by writers as amazing as Karen Russell and Rick Moody, among others.

It can be acquired from http://www.theliftedbrow.com/. It’s a miscellany in the truest sense of
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