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Marianne de Pierres: Mythmaker

Following hot on the successful heels of Peacemaker, the delightful Marianne de Pierres is back with Mythmaker!mdp2

Virgin’s in a tight spot. A murder rap hangs over her head and isn’t likely to go away unless she agrees to
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Review: The Female Factory

FemaleFactory-coverThe wonderful Amanda Wrangles has reviewed The Female Factory (which won the Aurealis Award for Best Collection last week, didn’t ya know?) over at Marianne de Pierres’ most excellent and eclectic site.

As the latest joint offering from super-star writing duo
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Over at The Place of Marianne De Pierres

BB jacket frontThere’s a lovely review of The Bitterwood Bible by Joelene Pynonnen!

A group of girls study at a school for assassins, preparing for their wedding nights when they will kill their grooms. A lonely coffin maker finds
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Horizon by Keith Stevenson

keithLong-time leading light amongst Australian editors, Keith Stevenson, has recently released the science fiction novel Horizon through HarperCollins. Ze blurb:

Thirty-four light years from Earth, the explorer ship Magellan is nearing its objective – the Iota Persei system. But when ship commander Cait
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Choose Your Own Adventure!

247475_10200681771559468_599519055_nAnd so, in my spare time (HA!) I have agreed to be involved in the delightful Emily Craven’s Choose Your Own Adventure project – if you know anything about my schedule, you will be impressed by Emily’s powers of
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Shiny, shiny awards suitable for hand to hand combat

Brain (Lisa L Hannett) and I arrived in Sydney on Friday and promptly indulged in our major vice: ordering room service. We talked until late, then woke up to more room service (What??)

Then we went for
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Aurealis Awards Shortlists are Out

Courtesy of the speedy good graces of Dr Tansy Rayner Roberts, the shortlists have been posted here.

I’m so happy to see so many talented friends on the lists! Includes (obviously) Lisa L Hannett, Kirstyn McDermott, Tansy RR, Trent Jamieson, Marianne De Pierres, Dirk Flinthart,
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The Twelfth Planety Drive-by: Alisa Krasnostein

Alisa Krasnostein is the unsleeping powerhouse that is the engine of Twelfth Planet Press. Really, she doesn’t sleep – email her at any hour of the day or night and she’ll reply. Go ahead. Try it. See? Told ya.

TPP has produced
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Why have I not done this before now?

I haz bin remiss.

The talented and prolific Marianne de Pierres has a short story collection out with Twelfth Planet Press, Glitter Rose. It is a limited edition, hard cover with an Intro by Trent Jamieson (he of Death Most Definite). All books should be beautiful.

It has a lovely
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Australis Imaginarium – cover and pre-ordery goodness

Oooooh, the cover at last. And the order-ish details are here http://fablecroft.com.au/australis-imaginarium/pre-order-australis-imaginarium

Basically, it’s a book of quintessentially Australian fables.

“Once a Month, on a Sunday” by Ian McHugh
“Night Heron’s Curse” by Thoraiya Dyer
“Hunter of Darkness, Hunter of Light” by Michael Pryor
“A Pig’s Whisper” by Margo Lanagan
“Stealing Free” by Deborah
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