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The Minimally Facetious Drive-by: Mike Resnick

The Resnick is a science fiction creature, displaying a propensity for accumulating Hugos and Nebulas. Has a marked fondness for cheese blintzes and half to three-quarter naked pirate queens. His publication list must be viewed to be believed and may cause the expression “Holy snapping ducksh*t” to exit the
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FanGirl Moment

My pal Marshall Payne interviewed Nancy Kress at the Nebulas.

I heart Nancy Kress – she gives awesome writerly advice over here http://www.sff.net/people/nankress/ and she’s also responsible for one of my favourite books, The White Pipes.

“Act One,” your novella on the final ballot for the Nebula Award for 2010 , is a story of genetic engineering in the near future. What was
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And today in the Super-Sekrit Clubhouse

Marshall Payne interviews John Kessel – awesome sauce.

John Kessel has been publishing short fiction since 1978 and since then has gone on to make his mark in the field of SF/F. He won a Nebula Award in 1982 for his novella “Another Orphan,” and more recently (2009) for his novelette “Pride and Prometheus,” a story melding the tales of Jane
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