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World Fantasy Awards!

I’m utterly delighted to see that The Tallow-Wife and Other Tales has made the shortlist for the World Fantasy Award for Best Collection! Once again with gorgeous illustrations by Kathleen Jennings.

This is my third WFA shortlisting in this category and
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So, this happened …

… and I will write a proper con report when the jetlag leaves me. But for now, enjoy the sight of HP with his cocktail umbrella, and Kelly Link and Helen Marshall trying to brain me.

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The 2nd Spectral Book of Horror Stories: Robert Shearman

robWhat could be better than a bonus interview from The 2nd Spectral Book of Horror Stories leading light, Mr Rob Shearman (also, coincidentally, one of my favourite people and writers)? The answer is: Nothing. Nothing could be better.

Rob’s hobbies include
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Another Bitterwood Bible Giveaway!

Lisa's photo

Lisa’s photo

To mark Bitterwood’s shortlisting for the World Fantasy Awards, Tartarus Press and I are celebrating by giving away another copy of the increasingly rare limited edition hardcover of The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings (we’re down to roughly the last one hundred copies), with illustrations by
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Foxes and Badgers and Hares, oh my!

WFA-nominee Kathleen Jennings has been at it again, more Bitterwood doodles arrived in the inbox this morning. It’s kind of like gifts of chocolate without the calories.


Three Card Stud … or something

… I don’t even know what that means.

But anyway! It’s an introduction to Ticonderoga’s limited time only, three book deal to promote the release of Midnight and Moonshine.



An appropriate Jennings

World Fantasy noms are out today and I cannot contain my delight to note that Lisa L. Hannett’s debut collection Bluegrass Symphony is on the shortlist for Best Collection.

Equally delightful
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World Fantasy Award Winners!!

Congrats to all the World Fantasy Award winners! Special congrats to Alisa Krasnostein, Queen of Twelfth Planet Press! And thanks to the lovely Dr Tansy for posting this!


Winner: Who Fears Death, Nnedi Okorafor (DAW
Zoo City,
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I love that …

… The Washington Post does a feature on the World Fantasy Awards 😀 .

Yvonne Zipp writes:

Say “World Fantasy Awards,” and the uninitiated may imagine fans dressed in homemade chain mail and fake pointy ears. In fact,
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Win! Win! Win!

Win a signed copy of the World Fantasy nominated collection Sourdough and Other Stories. So on the homepage, look to the right of the screen, see the widgetty thingy?

Answer the question, enter and be in the
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