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Cosmos! Submit!

The very talented Cat Sparks has taken over as fiction editor at Cosmos Magazine. She’s looking for subs. She talks about stuff and things here at the RoR blog. She says:

Cosmos boasts a readership of 400,000 per month. As fiction editor, what I’m looking for is a damn fine reading experience, for which I am offering to exchange
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Nature …

On the back deck yesterday I saw some of the butcher birds playing around in the hanging pot plant thingies – they completely without fear even when I went out with the camera, took photos and asked them what they thought they were doing. This morning they were in the jacaranda tree and my significant other threw bits of toast
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My new favourite place …

… is Impossible Alice, a glorious Brisneyland jewellery maker! Her store on MadeIt lives here.

New news: Midnight and Moonshine

I’m very, very happy to announce that Lisa Hannett and I have signed with Russell B. Farr and Ticonderoga Publications for a collection of linked short stories, Midnight and Moonshine, to be unleashed upon the world in November of 2012
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It will clash with my 18th century fainting couch, but sure …

… why not?

From here.

The End of Books

For amusement, my friends, The End of the Book by Octave Uzanne, from Scribner’s Magazine Illustrated 1894.

The End of Books

It was in London, about two years ago, that the question of “the end of books” and their transformation into something quite different was agitated in a group of book-lovers, artists, men of science and of learning, on a memorable evening,
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The FableCroft Drive-by: Tehani Wessely

Tehani Wessely is the driving force behind new indie press, FableCroft. She has edited for Twelfth Planet Press and was a founding member of ASIM (Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine). She’s been an Aurealis Awards judge, writes reviews for
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This morning’s work day started in considerably better a fashion than yesterday. We did yoga.

Instructed by awesome writer and yoga guru, Edwina Shaw from Freedom Yoga at West End, we stretched and relaxed and began our day in a most calming manner.


Alas, I then had to get up off the yoga mat and start answering the phone again. *sigh*

The Girl with No Hands …

… has been very nicely reviewed by Mario Guslandi over at the SF Site.

 I am quite sure that readers of this superior book will remain spellbound by the sheer beauty of the stories. I highly recommend it, as well as its companion volume, the other collection by Angela Slatter entitled Sourdough and Other Stories recently published by Tartarus Press.

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More on the Otter front

It’s the end of the year … like many folk, my exhaustion levels are very, very high … so I’m finding a lot of things either hysterically funny, or tragically melancholy. On the hysterically funny side, are the number of otter-related comments I’ve been getting since the “I am sure I have a pet otter” dream. This has included Jeff
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