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Grimm Goldfish

Happy to report that the two stories up at the lovely Goldfish Grimm are by two of my Clarion South 09 mates, Suzanne Willis and Aidan Doyle.

The Faerie Tailor” and “The Executioner’s Hat” provide
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A Flying Monkey Drive-by: Aidan Doyle

Aidan Doyle is a Clarion South 2009 survivor. Quotes for which he will be remembered are: “Bears are my unicorns”, “The zombies didn’t work for me from a programming perspective”, and “Needs more monkeys”. He is a traveller, writer, computer programmer and is publishing new stories at a rate of
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Stone Flowers

Head over to Fantasy Magazine for Aidan Doyle’s new, poignant tale Stone Flowers.

Even though he was a god, Daisuke always removed his shoes before he went inside. It was the polite thing to do.

He knocked on the sliding screen door.

“Come in,” a woman’s voice called.

Daisuke slid open the
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It's unspeakably early

I’m not a morning person – anything before 9.30am is stricly infra dig, sweetie (although work does like me to turn up at a reasonable hour), but this is a nice way to start the day.

One of the first reviews of Worlds Next Door over at Last Short Story (and via Aidan Doyle, he of Inksucker
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Votey McVoterton

blue parrot feathers

Oh, c’mon, it’s been a long day.

Fantasy Magazine is running its annual Best Fantasy Story of 2009 Poll and Contest – you can go and vote for your faves. Keep an eye out for Lisa Hannett’s awesome The Good Window, Aliette de Bodard’s lovely Golden Lilies, and Aidan Doyle’s creepily numerate
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Reading by Numbers


Must. Mention. This. Story.

Reading by Numbers by my fellow Clarionite, Aidan Doyle, is over at Fantasy Magazine.

This story has a higher IQ than I do.