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Super Useful

Yes, from the man who brought you Unicorns Doing Horrible, Horrible Things comes a most useful post about Plot. Thanks, Peter M. Ball.

I am currently printing this out and sticking it on my wall.

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The Twelfth Planety Drive-by: Alisa Krasnostein

Alisa Krasnostein is the unsleeping powerhouse that is the engine of Twelfth Planet Press. Really, she doesn’t sleep – email her at any hour of the day or night and she’ll reply. Go ahead. Try it. See? Told ya.

TPP has produced some
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We are writers for many reasons …

… one of those reasons may be that, without the dubious protection of our writer tag,  the rest of society would lock us up for posts like this, in which we replace psychotic cats with sociopathic bears:

Peter wakes up to find the Spokesbear sitting on his chest, staring him in the face.

Spokesbear: Time to work.
Peter: Fuck off.
Spokesbear: You’re not sick anymore.
Peter: I
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Tonight …

… there is Write-Club.

Yes, welcome to the glamorous world of my Friday night, when Peter M Ball and I sit in a selected lounge room, laptops at the ready, more blocks of choclit than one can shake a stick at, and we …

Well, we write. That’s it. We catch up in the first hour and eat dinner, trade gossip, market
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Insert fanfare here

Ze cover for Peter M Ball’s new novella, Bleed – the novella-formerly-known-as-Cold Cases. Or ?. This is the follow-up to the awesome Horn.

For ten years ex-cop Miriam Aster has been living with her one big mistake – agreeing to kill three men for the exiled Queen of Faerie. But when
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