Tonight …

… there is Write-Club.

Yes, welcome to the glamorous world of my Friday night, when Peter M Ball and I sit in a selected lounge room, laptops at the ready, more blocks of choclit than one can shake a stick at, and we …

Well, we write. That’s it. We catch up in the first hour and eat dinner, trade gossip, market info and strategies, then we sit on the comfy couches in our slippers and dax of track and write. And if anyone stops writing for more than 60 seconds, we yell ‘WRITE’ at each other. It’s all very encouraging. Or, as my boyfriend observes, it’s really too stupid to be something we just make up.

Pete is working on Black Candy, a novel and I’m working on Prohibition Blues, the short story on which Lisa Hannett and I are collaborating.

Boo yah!

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