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You Are Not Your Writing & Other Sage Advice

Oh, hello, my poor neglected blog!

Just popping in to share a lovely review from Reviewers of Oz of my Brain Jar Press chapbook You Are Not Your Writing & Other Sage Advice! This little book is
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Aurealis Shortlist

The shortlist for the Aurealis Awards was released into the wild this morning and I’m delighted to see that “No Good Deed” (New Fears 1, Titan Books) is on the list for Best Horror Novella and “The Little Mermaid, in Passing” (Review of
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Over at Peter M. Ball’s place …

7682168-3x2-700x467… I ate all the cupcakes and talked about Vigil and the writing craft.



EXILECover_LargeAn embarrassment of riches! My friend and write club buddy, Peter M. Ball, has had his novella, Exile, released into the wild. You should read it because you’d have to go a long way to find a better
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Over here, Pete talks about write club

HORNcover_600px-220x300My good mate and fellow write-clubber, Peter M. Ball is a much better blogger than I (as well as a self-described cantankerous house-cat).

Over here, he talks about our five years of write club, which has had a huge impact on
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Genre Con Oz 2013 – Where Stuff Didst Happenst

So, from Friday 11 Oct through to Sunday 13 Oct, I was embedded in Genre Con Oz at SLQ … in the manner of an especially happy tick in the neck of a particularly juicy bullock.


My photo
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And now we do the dance of happiness …

CAM00122… because this arrived from Redbubble.

Kathleen Jennings is putting her designs (slowly, oh so slowly. HINT!) there for transmutation into magnificent t-shirts and hoodies and stuffs, oh my!

You should go here and order something and encourage her to make
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Paddle-Steamers! Fae! Docks!

Peter M. Ball’s new tale “On the Arrival of the Paddle-Steamer on the Docks of V–” is now up at Eclipse Online and it’s totally worth a read.

With bonus illustration by Kathleen Jennings.

Our tiny hotel room is boiling, even now, but heat doesn’t bother Patrick and he sleeps, shirtless, with the thin sheet coiled round him like a loving serpent.
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A truly superb post from Peter M. Ball

Things I would do if I were planning on becoming an indie publisher…


To put it bluntly: I wouldn’t even bother epublishing until I was routinely cranking out 2,500 to 3,000 words every day on
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Super Useful

Yes, from the man who brought you Unicorns Doing Horrible, Horrible Things comes a most useful post about Plot. Thanks, Peter M. Ball.

I am currently printing this out and sticking it on my wall.

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