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GenreCon 2017

GenreCon-2017-Web-BannerSo, Emma Viskic and I are the Australian writer guests at GenreCon 2017! We’ll be joining international writer guests Nalini Singh and Delilah S. Dawson in being all professional-like in November.

Registration opens on 20 February.

Not Dead, Just on the Last Leg of a UK Book Tour …

7682168-3x2-700x467… and I’m very, very tired.

And my blog has been sadly neglected.

But I’m flying home tomorrow – or rather, starting theĀ  god-awful long trip that always makes me shout “Where’s my matter transporter!?”

When I get back and recover from jetlag, stop walking
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Bad Blood: Gary Kemble

kemble 25Gary Kemble’s award-winning short fiction has been published in Australia and overseas. His debut novel Skin Deep was published in 2015 by Echo Publishing. The follow-up, Bad Blood, is out now. When he’s not writing or being
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The Rivers of London: Talking to Ben Aaronovitch

contactOh, my poor neglected blog. I’ve been finishing Corpselight – which is done. An ugly first draft, but done. Editing begins next week.

But the important thing is that Contact 2016 is coming up AND I get to host the In Conversation event with author
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GenreCon 2015 – You Really, Really Need To Be There

GenreCon2015BannerThere are still a few registrations left for GenreCon – they do close on 25 October, however, so if you’ve been wavering might I suggest you get your butt into gear?

Now, let me be clear: this isn’t a ‘con’ in the sense
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Make Contact 2016!

contactNext year Brisneyland is hosting the NatCon and you know you want to be there. It’s over the Easter Weekend so there will be lots of chocolate, and the heat won’t be too awful so said chocolate won’t melt before you eat it! (Like
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Holy crap!

From The Courier Mail this morning, the Eagle St Pier … farewell.

A Day with Sunshine

So, the rain has stopped and the sun is out, which is helping enormously. Keep a’shining, Sol, and dry up some more of that bloody water. However, the peak won’t hit Brisneyland until tomorrow morning at 4am. Ipswich has reassessed things and it looks like the river won’t be going over the ’74 Floods level, which is good. My sis
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