GenreCon 2015 – You Really, Really Need To Be There

GenreCon2015BannerThere are still a few registrations left for GenreCon – they do close on 25 October, however, so if you’ve been wavering might I suggest you get your butt into gear?

Now, let me be clear: this isn’t a ‘con’ in the sense of a fan-run event. The point isn’t to discuss how much we love Doctor Who (even though we do) or to discuss the finer points of an Astro Boy-meets-Wolverine cosplay (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

No, the point is to come along and be a professional, or learn how to be a professional writer. Or, as it says in the brochure: From the catered meals through to discussion panels through to the the Glamour and Grunge Banquet, GenreCon is designed to give attendees the chance to meet and make real connections with other writers, editors, and established professionals.

If you’ve been wondering what you’ve been doing wrong all these years, how you can possibly translate your love of writing into something that might one day resemble a career, then this is the place to be. I cannot recommend this professional gathering highly enough.

Details are here.

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