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Locus Interview Extract

There’s an extract of my interview with Locus Magazine over at Locus online.

“I worked with intent. My thought was, I’m 37, and I want to give this a real go to do it as a career. I don’t want
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GenreCon 2017 Plenary Address

That title is a fancy way of saying I ranted at a bunch of nice people at 9.20am this morning. It was fun!

Here’s the transcript of my rant.

Awards Don’t Matter

Good morning to you all, hungover or otherwise.

My name is, as you might
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The Pauper Prince and the Eucalyptus Jinn: Usman Tanveer Malik

Today I’m very pleased to host at the blog the astonishingly talented Usman Tanveer Malik.

Usman T. Malik is a Pakistani vagrant camped in Florida. He reads Sufi poetry, likes long walks, and occasionally strums naats on the guitar.

His fiction has won the Bram Stoker
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Talking About Our Collaboration!

Over at the Tor.com Tube of You channel, Lisa and I talk about collaboration, specifically on Midnight and Moonshine.

And talk and talk and talk!

Horrorology Interviews: Stephen Jones

Photo copyright © Peter Coleborn. All rights reserved.

Photo copyright © Peter Coleborn. All rights reserved.

Today, we start a series of interviews with just about everyone involved in the new anthology Horrorology: The Lexicon of Fear, edited by Stephen Jones and published by Jo
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The Bitterwood Posts: The Coffin-maker’s Daughter

BB jacket frontI thought I might do a post on each of the stories in The Bitterwood Bible, for anyone who’s interested in the story backgrounds.

Today, it’s “The Coffin-Maker’s Daughter”, my British Fantasy Award-winning tale, which originally appeared
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BFA in the mail

My British Fantasy Award arrived this morning – huzzah! With a mere two chips in it – which, given the ride from the UK to Australia and the general nature of couriers, I consider a triumph.

Double huzzah!

It looks,
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Today …

… is back-at-the-novel-day.

It’s also, coincidentally, the first quiet day I’ve had in the two weeks since the British Fantasy Awards were announced. I’ve spent large chunks of that time talking about myself – which is not my usual setting and,
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And so, the sequel became a prequel

After I finished Sourdough and Other Stories I was certain, quite certain, that when I once again began writing in the world of Lodellan, it would be for a sequel. I had – still have – these stories in my
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You know you’ve made it when …

… you’re on the ABC News website 😀 .And the QUT news site.