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The Dark meets The Jacaranda Wife

The_Dark_12“The Jacaranda Wife” was probably my first publication in a  FeastofSorrows_Cov_V01high-profile, widely distributed anthology – Jack Dann’s Dreaming Again from HarperCollins – and it
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Over at Far Fetched Fables …

DreamingAgain… my story “The Jacaranda Wife” has a new life as a podcast!

Sometimes, not very often, but sometimes when the winds blow right, the summer heat is kind, and the rain trickles down just-so, a woman is born of a
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The Alternative Typewriter and The Jacaranda Wife

the-girl-with-no-handsOver at The Alternative Typewriter, Harry Markov continues his dissection of The Girl With No Hands and Other Tales. Today he looks at “The Jacaranda Wife”, which originally appeared in Jack Dann’s Dreaming Again anthology.

Let’s do this. Friday has arrived and
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The Lakeside Drive-by: Christopher Green

I knew of Christopher Green via my write club buddy Peter M. Ball. Chris was a fellow Clarion South graduate (2007 iteration), but I didn’t read anything of his until ‘Lakeside’. We both had stories in Jack Dann’s Dreaming Again and Chris’s story was the first one I
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The Tender Drive-by: Margo Lanagan

What can I possibly say about Margo Lanagan that you don’t already know? At Clarion South, she referred to me as a ‘witch’, and it was a compliment. She has been My Queen ever since. Margo is the
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The Legendary Drive-by: Jack Dann

Some say ‘legendary’ just isn’t strong enough a word. Some say the man’s a myth, because no one, but no one could be like Jack Dann. The man who gave us The Memory Cathedral, Promised Land, and The Rebel, is also an unrepentant editor of anthologies such as the World Fantasy award-winning
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Because I am …

… numerically challenged, I managed to schedule 2 drive-bys simaltaneously. So, today, please enjoy the drive-by stylings of Kelly Link & Gavin Grant and Jason Fischer.

The Undead Camel Drive-by: Jason Fischer

Jason Fischer is a Writers of the Future winner, author of the imfamous Undead Camels Ate Their Flesh (in Jack Dann’s Dreaming Again), the Apocalyptic novella Gravesend (its follow-up is on the way – huzzah!), and he has just made
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Announcement from Ticonderoga Publications, which must surely be met with “Huzzah!” Oh and also “Cooooool title!”

Sara Douglass Collection Announced
Posted July 15, 2010 By punkrocker1991

Ticonderoga Publications is far more than totally chuffed to announce a forthcoming collection of stories by premiere Australian Fantasy writer Sara Douglass.

The substantial collection, scheduled for publication
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Call for Recommendations: reprint anthology

From the lovely Tehani at FableCroft Publishing:

In the past two years, I’ve read a number of works that made me decide to put together a collection of very Australian flavoured stories. The collection is titled Australis Imaginarium, and will be produced by my new press, FableCroft Publishing, which will also be printing my original anthology for kids, Worlds Next Door.

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