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Steampunk Reloaded

The word ‘compendium’ was developed by the Universe in the hope that people like Ann and Jeff VanderMeer would come along.

LL Hannett and I have scored a berth on the good ship Steampunk Reloaded, with a couple of literary artefacts :-), the main one being “The Curious Case of Physically-Manifested ‘Bed-Sheet Mania’”. Not as gross or wrong as it sounds! Really!
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Last Drink Bird Head – Promote Literacy

A very good book for a very good cause: promoting literacy.

Team VanderMeer have put together this anthology for ProLiteracy. So, you get to help out (thus increasing your karma-credits) and you get a fantastic read – look at those writers, look at those names! Nothing wrong with any of this.

What Is Last Drink Bird Head?

That’s the catalyst editors Ann and
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