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Over at Mania.com …

… A Book of Horrors gets a great review from Tim Janson.

How’s the US cover?

Go here to read the review.

I’m not a horror writer’s bootstrap

Yes, I know, strange saying, but it belong to my grandma Maisie and she was a font of strange sayings, many of which have been passed down to my mother, sister and I.

But back to my point – yes,
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First Book of Horrors review

And what a review! Woot. *snoopy dance*

In the introduction to this collection Stephen Jones makes an impassioned plea to reclaim the horror genre from the gathering hordes of vapid vampires and cliched zombies “for those who understand and
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In today’s mail!

The gorgeous Mrs Midnight from Reggie Oliver and Tartarus Press, two from
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A Book of Horrors

Just a reminder that A Book of Horrors will be
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