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Like a duck paddling … all the action is beneath the surface

Yes, this blog’s been quiet.

A little too quiet.

But that’s largely because, after a 5 week trip overseas, I’ve been running around trying to catch up on all the neglected things … one of those being my new collection, co-authored with
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Al Baxter's photo

See? I did work at Continuum. Reading with Lisa Hannett and Felicity Dowker.

Yep, working hard.

Continuum 8

So, yesterday I managed to stay awake long enough to participate in QWC’s So You Want to be a Writer seminar, ably chaired by Aimée Lindorff. The two more awake panellists were the delightful and delovely Chris Currie and
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And in Tuesday Therapy …

Foz Meadows talks about What Happens Next.

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Tuesday Therapy: Five Unrealistic Steps

Over at the Hannettorium Kim Falconer talks sense!

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Women’s History Month over at Gillian’s place

Dr Gillian Polack has been running a series of guest posts over on her blog for Women’s History Month. There’s a whole bunch from folk such as Lisa Hannett, Sue Isle and Donna Maree Hanson.

Mine is there today,
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Reign of Tansy: Tuesday Therapy

Meanwhile, over at the Hannettorium …

… the delightful and terribly clever Dr Tansy Rayner Roberts talks small goals.


Tuesday Therapy

Over at the Hannettorium, Allyson Bird (she of the Stoker-shortlisted Isis Unbound) mediates on censorship, writing and, whether there will be a cull of horror writers!

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Tuesday’s Hannettorium

Today Lisa chats with the disturbing Deb Biancotti on running.

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Tuesday at the Hannettorium

The delightful Kaaron Warren gets zen over at Lisa’s Tuesday Therapy.

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